Skype For Linux 5.4 Beta Now Offers Group Video Calling

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Skype for Linux 5.4 beta had just been released, and this release comes with some new features and various improvements. One notable new feature is the ability to make group video calls. Its good to see Microsoft still gradually providing support for skype for linux with new features. Before we proceed on how to install skype for linux on Ubuntu, lets take a quick look at what else this release has to offer.

Skype for Linux 5.4 Changelog

  • Group video calling feature enabled
  • Screen Share now appears on the + menu for the call
  • Updated Skype to Electron 1.7.4 for performance as well as security improvements
  • Fixed the Skype Update repository keys
  • Bugfixes and improvements

Please note that support for Group video calling is still currently in experimental stage, so any feedback is welcome.

Bugs Reported

This release is far from over as there are a few issues reported that needs attention and fixing. See extracts below:

One bug not fixed is the status indicator, always showing green online for mobile phone contact even when she had been flying for 9 hours so long offline, v4.3 has kept up with the status.

The settings menu is still pretty bare to put it mildly (about 80% down on v4.3, which was quite restricted compared to other desktop Skype versions), still deal breaker options missing such as auto answer, screen share, Skype call volume control, separate window for chats so can chat without intruding into the call window, and chat to other accounts spring immediately to mind.  With this version the video call seems to sometimes disappear when chatting, which is a massive pain

It seems that the numeric keypad which was require during call to business, government etc with automatic switch board (call to landlines) is not functioning anymore during a call. Meaning that you can’t select any options as no tone is generated even if the number press appears (most of the time). It does work for dialing numbers to call.

How to install Skype for Linux 5.4 on Ubuntu 17.04 and below

sudo apt-get install gdebi    wget    sudo gdebi skypeforlinux-64-alpha.deb    skypeforlinux

How to remove Skype for Linux from Ubuntu

sudo apt remove skypeforlinux
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