Recover root password under CentOS How to Reset the Root Password in Linux



In this tutorial we’ll see how to restore the root password for CentOS in a very simple way.

To reset your CentOS root password you’ll need to reboot or turn off your computer. Then turn on your computer and when GRUB starts press e to edit the rules and then press enter.

Scroll down and look for the line containing  ro crashkernel=auto or just ro part.

Replace ro crashkernel=auto or ro with rw init=/sysroot/bin/sh

ro = read only
rw = readable and writable

/sysroot/bin/ = OS system shell.

Make sure you edit the file properly otherwise the process will fail and you’ll need to repeat the previous steps.

Default file look:

The file must look like the screenshot below. After double checking you wrote it properly, press ctrl+x to save the changes.

Edited file look:

You’ ll get a root console from which you are able to set a new root password by running the commands below, make sure to  set a password longer than 8 characters, don’t use weak passwords which may be included in brute force dictionaries or the OS may refuse it, combine numbers, characters and symbols to increase your security.

Run the following commands:

chroot /sysroot
passwd root

Set your new password

touch /.autorelabel

And then reboot


chroot /sysroot =access the OS.

passwd root  = reset root password.

touch /.autorelabel = update selinux

exit  = exit the OS

After restarting you will be able to login with the new password, now you can get back to work.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found this short tutorial useful. Keep following on LinuxHint for new tips and tutorials.


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