Looking for a Sleek Audio Player – Checkout Dopamine Music Player

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Dopamine Music Player, is a sleek looking audio player, with the aim of making music organization and listening as simple and as pretty as possible. The music player app was written in C# and is powered by the CSCore sound library. Before we proceed on, lets take a quick look at what Dopamine 1.3 release brings.

Dopmine Music Player 1.3 Changelog

Note that playlist support was rewritten from scratch. Your existing playlists will not be migrated. Save your playlists to files manually before upgrading to this version. Import your saved playlists after upgrading to this version.

New Features

  • Added a button to export album and song covers to files
  • Added an option to switch between 4 styles of spectrum analyzers
  • Smoother list animations
  • Audio device selection added
  • Added extra album sorting option “By date created”
  • Added optional play count, skip count and date last played column to the songs screen
  • Left and right arrow keys allow jumping 5 or 15 seconds backward or forward (Information > help for hotkeys)
  • Added an option to follow the album cover color
  • Added support for local lyrics files (LRC)
  • Changes to the collection folders are now detected automatically
  • Added a context menu option to add the playing song to a playlist
  • Changes to the MusicDopaminePlaylists folder are now detected automatically
  • Added NeteaseLyrics support
  • Added XiamiLyrics support
  • Double clicking a playlist queues and plays the songs of that playlist
  • The keyboard space bar now toggles play and pause


  • Lyrics are not downloaded anymore when the lyrics screen is not visible
  • When using “Loop one”, pressing Previous or Next now skips to the previous or next song.
  • Playlists support has been rewritten: playlists are now saved to files automatically.
  • The ‘Cloud’ screen was renamed to ‘Frequent’ and the layout was changed
  • The song title on playback info panes now scales to the available width
  • Updated a few more languages

See changelog for all bug fixes

Download Dopmine Audio Player 1.3

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