Install Tiled Map Editor on Ubuntu Linux

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Tiled Map Editor is one of the most popular and widely used level editor for creating attractive map for game developement. Tiled Map Editor is free and it supports editing tile maps in various projections (orthogonal, isometric, hexagonal) including supports for building levels with freely positioned, rotated or scaled images or annotating them with objects of various shapes.

The latest release Tiled 0.18.0 comes with various smaller improvements, while a much bugger changes is expected to be released in the next update Tiled 1.0 sometime early 2017.

Highlights of Latest Release

  • The tmxrasterizer tool shipping with Tiled was improved a bit and is now set up as a thumbnailer for TMX files. When Tiled is installed through the system’s package management, this enables thumbnails in supporting file managers like GNOME’s Nautilus and PCManFM.
  • Actions were added to create a new layer based on the current selection, either through copying or moving (Layer > New > Layer via Cut/Copy)
  • A context menu action was added to reset the size of tile objects
  • The display order of the objects in the Objects view is now reversed, to match the ordering of the layers
  • It is now possible to export maps to GameMaker: Studio 1.411, with support for both tile and object layers (objects get translated to instances).

See Changelog

Install latest Tiled Map Editor via Daily Build Repositry on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

--------- Add the Repository ---------  sudo add-apt-repository    --------- Update Repository ---------  sudo apt-get update    --------- Install Package ---------  sudo apt-get install tiled-daily
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