Install Lightworks Non-Linear Editing Software on CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu

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Lightworks is a full-featured non-linear editing app with all the power, performance and features you would expect. It supports resolutions up to 4K as well as video in SD and HD formats. The most recent release is v14.0 revision 91873.

Highlights Of v14

Added Features

  • A right-click ‘Rename’ option for bin groups
  • Ability to SHIFT click the content-manager ‘+’ icon to create an empty bin group
  • ‘AltG+ß’ handling for German keyboards


  • Intermittent black audio waveforms
  • Media that is imported using copy Local not importing immediately when using drag and drop
  • Still images showing as Media Offline with drag and drop
  • Bin search/replace crash
  • Incorrect audio on P2 files
  • Effects starting on the incorrect frame
  • Key ‘up’ handling which could lead to the fullscreen preview appearing unexpectedly
  • Bin drag/drop within nested groups
  • Decoding of XDCAM files
  • Issues with Auto effects and colour-correction curves
  • Reading Sony XAVC Long-GOP video
  • Hang on playback with certain media
  • Playback on Audio Network panel when double clicking a clip
  • Playback of streaming Pond5 media


  • Improved handling of m4v files
  • Reinstated the ability to drag transition effects to the marked region
  • Restored missing keyframe-related menu items
  • Restored filecard ‘Notes’ for sequences
  • Avoided hang generating title effects
  • Preserved tagged items correctly when switching bin views
  • Save/restore minimised effect component states
  • Made sure that the Filecard location field updates correctly when loading successive clips into the source viewer (fixed layout)
  • Don’t show ANY filecard metadata for empty source viewers

Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop

CentOS 7 Desktop


How to Install latest Lightworks 14.0 on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

  • You need to register at their site to download the latest package
  • Next install as follows. Note, I had to get the URL for the download after signing up.
sudo apt-get install gdebi    wget    sudo gdebi Lightworks-Beta-91873-

How to remove from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove Lightworks

How to Install latest Lightworks 14.0 on CentOS 7, RHEL

  • First install required dependency “libCg”
wget    sudo rpm -Uvh libCg-3.1.0013-2.el6.x86_64.rpm
  • Next download and install Lightworks
wget    rpm -Uvh Lightworks-Beta-91873-
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