How to install the Elegant Simple Weather Indicator 0.9 for Linux


Simple Weather Indicator 0.9 recently released, is an elegant and very simple weather indicator for Ubuntu unity and Gnome 3. Simple Weather Indicator is written and developed in Python and it uses an in-house free/open source Weather API called Eris to fetch most current weather condition based on the user’s location.

Simple Weather Indicator Features

  • Elegant and Simple
  • Comes with some configurable elements such as:
    • Automatic / Manual location detection
    • Show/hide location
    • Enable/disable indicator startup
    • Temperature scale suppert (Celsius, Fahrenheit)
    • Rounding weather temperature
  • Feature Rich Customization
    • Overall weather condition
    • Humdity level
    • Wind speed
    • Weather cloudiness, pressure as well as visibility
  • It has a small footprint on the system
  • Was implemented with free and public API (Eris Weather API)

How to Install Simple Weather Indicator on Ubuntu Zesty Zapus 17.04, Yakkety Yak 16.10, Xenial Xerus 16.04 LTS, Wily Werewolf 15.10 (Until version 0.8.2), Vivid Vervet 15.04, Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kasra-mp/ubuntu-indicator-weather    sudo apt update && sudo apt install indicator-weather  

How to Install Simple Weather Indicator on Debian distros

  • You need to get the “.deb” URL of the latest release and download from here
sudo apt-get install gdebi    wget    sudo gdebi indicator-weather*  

How to Install Simple Weather Indicator from source code for other Linux distros

  • You need to get the “.tar.gz” URL of the latest release and download from here
wget    tar -xvf v0.9.tar.gz    cd UbuntuIndicatorWeather*    ---- I had to install python-gi since I was getting this error "ImportError: No module named gi" ----  sudo apt-get install python-gi  

How to uninstall Simple Weather Indicator

sudo apt-get remove indicator-weather
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