How to install Linux Kernel 4.12 on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

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The release of Linux Kernel 4.12 was recently announced by Linus Torvalds and according to him, this release was one of the biggest release for linux kernel update. Bulk of this release is made of support for AMD vega drivers, as well as the Intel IPU driver. Before we proceed on how to install Linux Kernel on Ubuntu, lets take a quick look at what this release offers.

Highlight Of Linux Kernel 4.12

  • The kernel finally has proper support for USB type-C connectors
  • Fixed intel uncore wrong box pointer check
  • The PowerPC architecture can now support virtual address-space sizes up to 512TB
  • The ARM64 architecture now has kernel crash-dump functionality
  • KVM now supports the MIPS “VZ” virtualization mechanism
  • There is a new “virtual media controller” driver in the media subsystem
  • The Android low-memory killer implementation has been removed from the staging tree
  • Lots of new hardware support for audio, graphics, media, networking, USB and a host of others

See release notes for full details

How to install Linux Kernel 4.12 on Ubuntu 17.04 and below

  • Select your operating system version and install

32bit OS

cd /tmp    wget    sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.12*.deb linux-image-4.12*.deb
  • Update the Grub boot loader
sudo update-grub

64bit OS

cd /tmp    wget    sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.12*.deb linux-image-4.12*.deb

How to remove Linux Kernel 4.12 from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-4.12* linux-image-4.12*
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