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How to change virtual hosts' location in Plesk for Linux

Warning: Plesk Onyx with SELinux enabled does not support custom vhost directory, that would break your sites. This bug PPPM-6521 will be fixed in future Plesk updates.

In Plesk for Linux, utility can be used to change the location for all virtual hosts:

  1. download utility:

    # wget
  2. make it executable:

    # chmod +x
  3. run the utility with the " --help " key to see the available options.

    # perl --help
In the following example, the location is changed to /home directory:

# perl --dest-dir /home --correct-scripts
Note: If SELinux is enabled, make sure to change the SELinux context on the new destination. See article #213942785 for more details.

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Khuyến mãi vps