Etcher Image Writer on Ubuntu – Burn Images to SD Cards & USB

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Etcher Image Writer – is a simple and easy to use end users app for burning images to SD Cards as well as USB drives. It is extensible for developers, and works on any platform which includes, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc. Before we proceed on how to install Etcher Image Writer on Ubuntu, lets take a quick look at its features.

Etcher Image Writer Features

  • You no longer need to write images on corrupted cards hence increasing productivity
  • Drive selection is more visible to avoid wiping all your entire data in hard-drive
  • Comes with an attractive and easy to follow user interface
  • Etcher is developed with JS, HTML, node.js as well as Electron
  • It is a cross platform app, hence it works on all systems
  • A notable feature is it burns 50% more faster, as well as simultaneous writing for multiple drives

Etcher 1.1.1 Changelog

  • Prevent “percentage above 100%” errors on DMG images
  • Fix Etcher not starting flashes in AppImages
  • Fix most “Unmount failed” errors on macOS

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How to install Etcher Image Writer on Ubuntu 17.04 and below

32bit OS

sudo apt install gdebi    wget    sudo gdebi etcher-electron_1.1.1_i386.deb

64bit OS

sudo apt install gdebi    wget    sudo gdebi etcher-electron_1.1.1_amd64.deb

How to uninstall Etcher from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove etcher-electron && sudo apt-get update
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