Enlightenment DR 0.21.5 Released with bugfix and stability


Enlightenment DR 0.21.5 recently released, is another bugfix and stability release for the Enlightenment 21 Release series. There are notable fixes for long standing ibar regressions in this release. This is an open-source desktop environment, which contains customization with animations, effects and dedicated applications.

Enlightenment DR 0.21.5 changelog:

  • e_util_defer_object_del – ensure order of deferred deletions are right
  • remove unused variables in e_comp_wl
  • Fix keyboard tracking when leaving an xdg shell window
  • Fix crash when exiting an xdg shell application
  • More aggressively prune keyboard focus list
  • Stop sending key up/down events on focus change under wayland
  • test dmabuf pixmaps properly
  • handle xdg-shell maximize/unmaximize calls correctly
  • stack subsurfaces above their parents upon creation
  • use more accurate determination for applying xdg-shell (un)maximize operations
  • do not pop pointer types on client hide events if the client is pass_events
  • set wl pointer surfaces to E_LAYER_CLIENT_PRIO during setup
  • attempt to re-set wl surface pointer when popping back to “default” pointer type
  • fix internal wl windows to exit when border X is clicked
  • use better check for getting wl surface alpha from cursor pixmaps
  • revert all sizing commits to ibar/ibox for the past year
  • maintain “empty” object’s size hints when ibar/ibox resizes


Install Enlightenment DR 0.21.5 on Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:niko2040/e19    sudo apt-get update    sudo apt-get install enlightenment
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