Create Animated Presentations with AnimationMaker

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AnimationMaker recently discovered, is an amazing app that allows you to create animated presentations. You can build a presentation video which can be uploaded to youtube as well as vimeo. Furthermore, you can create a simple, attractive presentation videos and use it to pitch as a crowdfunding campains for your product or project.

For those that have tried other various aniomated video presentation softwares, I do see this as a more promising tool due to its simplicity to help you make a quick animated presentation.

Accordng to the developer, the idea for the AnimationMaker comes from Adobe Edge which is not available anymore.

AnimationMaker Changelog

  • Added the ability to load python plugins for import and export, as well as new panel
  • Now it is possible to also create animated gifs using the plugin
  • Edit easing curve for transition
  • Font of text objects is now editable
  • Timeline is not limited anymore
  • Item resizing while shift key pressed centers the item
  • Playhead scale now has labels every half a second, as well as it can now be repositioned clicking into the new position
  • Scene or single items can now be exported to XML, as well as imported from XML
  • PropertyEditor sits now in a scrollarea
  • Bugfix includes
    • color editor
    • now all selected items will be deleted if DEL is pressed
    • changing Id
    • as well as changing opacity

Youtube Prsentation

How to install AnimationMaker on Ubuntu OS to Create Animated Presentations

wget    sudo chmod a+x AnimationMaker*
  • Before we launch app, we need to download some plugins to enable us import, export animation.
# Install Python 2.7 and above if not already installed  sudo apt update && sudo apt install python2.7    # Install ffmpeg as well  sudo apt install ffmpeg    # Change directory to "/home/yourname/animationmaker/plugins". If directory does not exist, then create it  cd /home/<yourname>/animationmaker/plugins
# Download the following files  wget  wget    #To export to movie  wget
  • Run app image with following command

If you find this tool useful and have any request for additional feature, then head over AnimationMaker github page

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