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why does my transfer fail with error message “exceeds block gas limit”?


I follow the tutorial and write a token transferring program. running it always cause the error message

Error: exceeds block gas limit
at web3.js:3143:20
at web3.js:6347:15
at web3.js:5081:36
at web3.js:4137:16
at :1:1

my code is

personal.unlockAccount('0x43f23aac3c24e64699f425f5abeb231245d491a0','xxx') var erc20 = eth.contract(abi).at('0x884181554dfa9e578d36379919c05c25dc4a15bb'); erc20.transfer.sendTransaction('0x6cc9e34f8766e9b5372525582277a6283f54e1e2',1,{from:'0x43f23aac3c24e64699f425f5abeb231245d491a0',gas:52404,gasPrice:web3.toWei(70,'gwei')}); 

how can i deal with the problem? thx