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Question about Gas and Gas Price


In my transaction: gasPrice: 210000

blockHash: "0x69bd71736f2a5d2c83919a0de81a7de0b6b690bb6bdda3acff254d5c68f634bc", blockNumber: 3178, from: "0xc8caa71c16299b40b8579742a27ee53162886040", gas: 2100000000, gasPrice: 210000, 

And the receipt: gasUsed: 72769

blockHash: "0x69bd71736f2a5d2c83919a0de81a7de0b6b690bb6bdda3acff254d5c68f634bc", blockNumber: 3178, contractAddress: null, cumulativeGasUsed: 72769, from: "0xc8caa71c16299b40b8579742a27ee53162886040", gasUsed: 72769, 

Is that means my total gas consumed = 72769 x 210000 = 15281490000 or 15GWei?

Can I safely assume gasUsed will remains the same if the execution condition (i.e. input parameters) remain the same? Even when I move my code from test node to the main ETH?