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eth.blockNumber does not match any network's current block


I set up a geth full node on Rinkeby with the following command: /usr/bin/geth --syncmode fast --nousb --cache 3072 --trie-cache-gens 1024 --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcport 8545 --networkid 4 2>&1

(Geth is version 1.8.12)

This should be Rinkeby, although when I get the current block:

> eth.blockNumber 3922099 

This doesn’t seem to match what’s on Etherscan, where the most recently mined block as of this posting was 2601444 for Rinkeby, 3596981 for Ropsten, 5930232 for mainnet.

> eth.syncing {   currentBlock: 3922035,   highestBlock: 3922099,   knownStates: 11714163,   pulledStates: 11714163,   startingBlock: 0 } 

In addition, Rinkeby’s ChainData size should by ~50GB if I’m not mistaken, and:

$ du -sh chaindata 13G chaindata 

So I’m scratching my head a bit: what accounts or the discrepancies in blockNumber and ChainData size?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!